Advertisement-toppart-cut1Laura Olivia Ratnam, EPT

Laura Olivia Ratnam, is the Owner and Founder of Ooh La La. She started her own online business as she is a fashionista herself and believes one can come a long way when he/she carries themselves well and needless to say, fashion and style plays a big part. She named her online business “Ooh La La” because there was a retail shop called Ooh La La in Singapore where she frequently shopped. The name itself is so catchy, therefore she told herself, if she ever starts her own business, that’s what she is going to name it, Ooh La La – The Model in You.

Laura is a certified Etiquette Proficiency Trainer. She has a Face book page called YOU-The first 3 seconds to create awareness of the importance of Etiquette as she strongly believes Etiquette brings one a long way. Laura conducts etiquette courses for both adult and kids.

Laura came from a background where good manners is not a need but a MUST. She believes it’s not so much our own manners, but making others feel comfortable by the way we behave. So it’s more or less thinking of others and how others perceive us: So that everyone knows the rules for doing things and everyone is in a very comfortable position in society. Having started her own business and a keen interest to work with children, she was motivated to be become a certified Etiquette Proficiency Trainer where she could than pass her knowledge on, teaching individuals and creating awareness about etiquette, so that her family, friends, peers and people she groom too can adjust to our ever changing world.

In addition to her achievements, in 2013, Laura won the inaugural event of “Miss” Mummy 2013. She was a judge for the “Miss Diwali Beauty Contest 2013” which was held in Malaysia and a children’s contest held by Cheng San CC in conjunction to Pongal 2015.


  • Etiquette Proficiency Trainer
  • Diploma in Human Resource Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Travel & Tourism
  • Diploma in Hotel Restaurant Management


Everything happens for a reason and she lives her life by just being a good person, believing in God and most importantly, loving herself first before sharing her love. Quoting from a book written by Oprah Winfrey, “Miracles are confirmation that something larger than us is at work. I believe they happen not just sometimes but every single day, if you are open to seeing them”.


When she is not working, she loves to bake with her daughters, do outdoor adventure with her family, watch movies at home and shop online for the entire family. Which is no wonder, why she started her own online business to ensure women of all sizes can be a turn head cat walk model at a reasonable price. She believes every women must feel beautiful not only inside but on the outside too. She also has a great passion for interior decorating and event planning.

~ “Life is BEAUTIFUL only if you embrace every minute of it and TRUST that God has his reasons for whatever happens” ~ Laura Olivia Ratnam