Another wedding to add to my album, another love story I had the chance to be part of.


I had the opportunity to work with a group of vibrant bridesmaids. 6 to be accurate! Beauty and the beast was the theme and the bride wanted her bridesmaids to wear bright yellow gowns. “Yellow” you may think but do you know yellow looks amazing on our skin tone. So these 6 bridesmaids and the bride came over to my place one fine day to take their measurements. That part was pretty fast but they spent some time at my home as they waited patiently for each other to arrive after work and school. During that time, I sat back and embraced the happiness these girls were filled with as they discussed the dance item and other silly little jokes. As they giggled and shared each other’s happiness, my heart was filled with pure admiration. So the weeks passed and last Saturday was the big day. As the bride and one of the bridesmaids is my friend, I was enjoying the pictures and videos that were being uploaded and of course, I beamed with joy and satisfaction every time I saw the bridesmaids. Another wedding to add to my album, another love story I had the chance to be part of. Thank you, Priya, Komi and the rest of the bridesmaids!


Here’s a beautiful note from Komi. Komi is a good friend of mine and the bride’s Sister. Thank you love 🙏☺️


Dearest Ooh La La aka Laura,

Pardon for the delayed message dear. The entire credits I received and my girls received that night about our bridesmaids dresses were bountiful and belongs solely to you. Thank you for hunting this beauty in the exact colour, texture and material the bride requested. I am totally grateful to your patience and drive to find us one that was suitable to the theme: Beauty and the Beast!!

I can’t thank you enough for all that you have done since you are also a dear friend to me. I know you did take an extra special care and consideration towards our needs.

Everything a bridesmaid is required to do… we did that night in that dress. We flaunted the dress, danced with the dress, sashayed in the dress and even ran in the dress… etc.

My family and friends loved the dress on me. They said the dress actually enhanced my figure. Huge words… I felt overjoyed and flattered.

Thank you for the great assistance, impeccable service, kind words and mostly your consistency in enquiring and assuring us we get what we are looking for.

P.s: Great friends need no introduction but their help goes a long way… to many more dresses and apparels… ❤❤❤

by oohlala

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