Congratulations Mr & Mrs Pregash


This is Shaila! Shaila is my Cousin-in-law. When I heard she was getting married and having a wedding reception, the first thing that crossed my mind was to get this gal a gown and some sexy apparels for her honeymoon. So I shared this thought with my Sister-in-law and together we decided to custom made a gown for her and present her with a box of goodies. I also shared this news with Shaila to get some idea on what she would like out of a custom made gown. I picked a design off the internet, made amendments to the design based on what Shaila wanted and the rest was history. I am so thankful to have an amazing tailor whom goes the extra mile to give me what I want. Shaila is someone whom holds a special place in my heart. Seeing her as a small girl, growing into this lady with so much confidence, awesome personality and never ending love to share, I wanted the best for her. I wanted her to walk the red carpet like a true diva because she deserved every bit of it. Today, she’s at Maldives for her honeymoon and I beam with much happiness and satisfaction, knowing she’s with the man she loves. Congratulations dearest Pregash and Shaila! I wish you both nothing but lots of love, happiness, good health and plenty of laughter in your marriage. Cheers to beautiful memories you both will create that would last a lifetime 🥂


by oohlala

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