Disguise upper arm fat or thick arms!


Do you carry excess upper arm fat or feel that you have thick arms overall? It isn’t always dependent on age or weight.

They can sometimes feel out of proportion with the rest of your body and make the whole of your upper body look heavier than it actually is.

It’s quite easy to disguise and minimize upper arm fat or thick arms if you choose your sleeve shapes and even your necklines carefully.

Remember! It’s only a problem if it worries you!

Take a few of Style Tips on board and feel more confident in yourself!

  • DON’T wear any sleeve that is too tight or a top that is tight around the back as it will emphasize any extra weight.
  • DON’T wear a sleeve that ends at the widest part of your arm – it will draw attention to this point and accentuate the width.
  • DON’T wear raglan sleeves as it can make you look round shouldered and emphasize the extra width.
  • DON’T wear thin shoulder straps – they will make the arms look larger.

V-necklines and shoulder interest minimize arm size

A larger sleeve or wider shoulder straps will make your arm look slimmer.

  • DO ensure that there is plenty of space and fabric to allow movement in your clothes around the upper arm and the back and it will also be far more comfortable. Any tight garment will make you look larger.
  • DO emphasize and draw attention to the shoulder area and emphasize it to balance the widest part of your arm – set-in sleeve and shoulder detail.
  • DO use a shoulder pad to combat rounded shoulders and extend and balance the widest part of your arm.
  • DO wear a cap sleeve that’s big enough to overlap the shoulder and balance the widest part of the arm.
  • DO choose a sleeve length that doesn’t finish at the widest part of your arm.
  • DO choose pretty sleeves with volume – angel sleeves or a batwing are great.
  • DO choose wide-apart shoulder straps or off-the-shoulder straps which give added width to the shoulder area.


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