Dress Codes Decoded – CASUAL

group of casual happy people smiling and standing isolated over a white background

Black Tie, Business Casual, Semi-formal, Smart Casual….oh…the sartorial world can sometimes be a tad baffling for the unlimited. Here, we attempt to decode some common dress codes and get you a fashionable head start for the exciting events you may have on your calendar in the year ahead. First up…


This is a dress code that signals you may wear anything comfortable.


T-shirt, jeans and sneakers is the classic casual combo. On your inspired days, try the khakis, cargos and polo shirt look.

Tip: Distinguish between creative graphic designs and offensive graphics on tees.


Time to flaunt your favourite jeans, comfortable tee, stylish top or accessories. For footwear, choose sneakers, heels or boots, depending on your event.

Tip: If your event is in the outdoors, sneakers are the wiser choice as heels may sink into soft ground.

by oohlala

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