Presenting to you – D’Makeover by Ooh La La

After months of putting things together, I proudly present to you Meera’s D’Makeover. These pictures have proven that there is a model in everyone of us.

DSC00055 e

DSC00118 e

DSC00119 e

DSC00121 e

DSC00145 e

DSC00162 e

DSC00205 e

DSC00236 e

DSC00291 e

DSC00322 e

DSC00374 e

DSC00427 e

DSC00445 e

Clicks: Chris Theepz
Image retouch: Anith Goshi
Makeup: Selvi Mathan P S
Wardrobe: Ooh La La

Dearest Chris Theepz, Anith Goshi and Selvi Mathan P S…thank you from the bottom of my heart :)

Laura Shaem

by oohlala

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