Swimwear – Confidence, Age, Right Fit

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Hi Ladies, how have your week been so far? Well, mine’s great as I’ve been busy getting all ready for my most awaited getaway to Maldives. As it’s going to be the sun, sand and sea, I am packing loads of swimwear and that gave me an idea for this week’s fashion tip… SWIMWEAR!

So, I constantly receive lots of messages from my customers asking what type of swimwear design should they select and how do they choose the right one to flatter their body type. Well, I believe it’s not all about the type of swimwear you wear but other aspects that would make you feel good when you put on your swimwear and dip into the pool/beach.

1st aspect – CONFIDENCE, CONFIDENCE, CONFIDENCE!!! You need to bring out that confidence that’s hiding inside of you. Tell yourself, “I look good and I do not care what others think of me”. Only when you prove to yourself and the eyes around you that you are a confident person, no matter what kind of swimwear you put on, that confidence will outshine that little piece that’s on your body.

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2nd aspect – GET ONE THAT FITS YOUR AGE!!! If you’ve got the body, go ahead. Lots of women in their 40s and 50s work hard to stay in shape, and they’ve earned the exposure. Just be brutally honest about how fit you are—if there’s any muffin top going on, forget it—as well as how comfortable you’ll feel in public. I’m no prude, but I wince at teeny-weeny surfer-girl bikinis on mature figures. Get one that covers more of you (a substantial fabric, like a nylon-spandex blend, is also a plus). And if you think a bikini is the only way to look sexy on the beach, think again: A great tankini or one-piece that shows less skin can be equally appealing.

3rd aspect – GET ONE THAT FITS YOU AND YOUR BODY TYPE!!! When you shop for the right swimwear, get one that enhances your assets and also ensure it tones down your unflattering body parts.

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