Trend Obsession: Plaid Shirts

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Plaid shirts have been popping up everywhere in the fashion world. This fashion piece has become a wardrobe staple. Because these flannel tops are strongly associated with lumberjacks, they have to be styled carefully. Done correctly, these tops are a closet must-have. Here are our 4 favorite ways on how to wear plaid shirts fashionably and effortlessly.

Slim Bottoms

Sometimes the best ensembles are a balance of masculine and feminine. It brings a touch of character and interest to an outfit. So, to balance a plaid shirt, pair it with something womanly, like a pair of skinny jeans or tights!


Show Some Skin

There are two types of bottoms that look amazing with plaid shirts. Skinny jeans/pants or a short skirt/shorts. Again, it’s all about mixing strong with sexy!


Tie It

Follow the same rules as above. Choose skinny jeans/pants or choose short shorts/skirt and add a basic simple top. Then tie a flannel around your waist for a pop of color and pattern. So cute!


Layer It

For our last favorite way on how to wear a flannel top, we chose short shorts, a basic top, with a flannel shirt layered on top unbuttoned.


Follow one of the 4 formulas that we’ve shared above, and you’ll have a guaranteed cute outfit. Be sure to remember to leave at least 2 of the top buttons unbuttoned!

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